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Excursions to Dürnstein

With the MS Kaiserin Elisabeth von
Vienna to Dürnstein

The very first sight of the MS Kaiserin Elisabeth conveys its elegance and uniqueness. The large outside deck with the 360 ° view and the sun loungers invite you to stroll, linger and enjoy. The bright interior, which extends over two decks, with a mirrored ceiling and full air conditioning, opens up a cozy and maritime flair to the guests.

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Saturdays and Sundays to the Wachau in Dürnstein

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Unique ship

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Excursion to Dürnstein | A Sunday excursion to the beautiful Wachau with the elegant MS Kaiserin Elisabeth.

Every Saturday and Sunday there is a boat trip from Vienna via Tulln to Dürnstein. Enjoy the boat trip and the wonderful view of the surrounding villages, meadows and forests. The destination of the trip is the picturesque Dürnstein, with the blue church tower over which the historic ruin Dürnstein towers. The former castle served as the prison of the English King Richard the Lionheart. At the beginning of the journey from our Vienna / Marina station, we continue along the Vienna skyline, past Kahlenberg and Klosterneuburg Abbey. Via Korneuburg and along the garden city of Tulln, we continue to Krems and Dürnstein. The two-hour break at the destination offers time for walking and exploring. The large outer deck with the 360 ° all-round view invites you to stroll and the interior of the newest member of the DDSG Blue Danube fleet, with two bars on the two decks, impresses with its maritime flair. The combined price includes an extended continental breakfast, a lunch snack, an afternoon snack and an evening buffet.

Course listing


only € 59.00


Spend a relaxing day on board the MS Kaiserin Elisabeth.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner buffet

Course listing


only € 45.00


Come on board and travel with us to the Wachau.


Breakfast and lunch

Course listing


only € 45.00


Experience the Danube anew and travel downstream from Dürnstein to Vienna.


Evening buffet


Every Saturday, July 24th – 09/25/2021 | NOW NEW EVEN ON SATURDAYS!
Every Sunday, May 30th

Wien / Marina
Krems / Stein
Donaustation Nr. 26
Donaustation Nr. 25
Donaustation Nr. 20
Krems / Stein
Wien / Marina
Donaustation Nr. 20
Donaustation Nr. 25
Donaustation Nr. 26
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Vienna – Dürnstein – Vienna
Boat trip there & back including breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet € 59.00
Shipping there & back € 39.00

Vienna – Dürnstein
Simple boat trip including breakfast and lunch € 45.00
Easy shipping € 29.00

Dürnstein – Vienna
Simple boat trip including evening buffet € 45.00
Easy shipping € 29.00


If you have not booked a boat trip with the culinary package included, you can order this directly from the on-board catering for a surcharge or choose from the menu.

Culinary surcharge:
Breakfast + lunch + strudel + evening buffet € 29.00

08:30 | BREAKFAST Vienna – Dürnstein

Served on a plate: continental breakfast consisting of rolls, pastries, ham, salami and cheese
Butter, jam, plus filter coffee, tea

12:30 | LUNCH JUICE Vienna – Dürnstein

Farmer’s snack Served on a plate: Blunzn, smoked meat, sausage, paprika sausage, gram, Liptauer, cucumber, horseradish, mustard, onion, chives, bread.

For vegetarians we offer our own snack plates – please mention this when booking.

14:30 | ARRIVAL in Dürnstein

14:30 – 16:40 | Individual stay in Dürnstein

TIPS! Visit the Dürnstein ruins, the Wachau Safrancafé or the Dürnstein Abbey.

16:40 | DEPARTURE in Dürnstein

16:40 | AFTERNOON SNACK Dürnstein – Vienna

Apple and curd strudel arranged on a plate at the buffet

18:00 | EVENING BUFFET Dürnstein – Vienna

Salad bar with dressings
Viennese potato salad
Cream and cucumber salad
Tomato salad with balsamic vinegar
Corn salad with yogurt mayonnaise

Main courses
Fried chicken strips
Roast pork with bacon and bread dumplings
Meat patties with gravy
Veal goulash with dumplings
Vegetarian spinach feta cheese lasagna
Vegan vegetable pilaf

Side dishes
Buttered dumplings
Mashed potatoes or potato gratin
Grilled or cooked vegetables

Dessert variation


Wien - Dürnstein - Wien
inkl. Frühstück, Mittagsjause, Abendbuffet
Wien - Dürnstein
inkl. Frühstück und Mittagsjause
Dürnstein - Wien
inkl. Abendbuffet
Wien - Korneuburg
Wien - Tulln
Wien - Krems
Wien - Dürnstein
Korneuburg - Tulln
Korneuburg - Krems
Korneuburg - Dürnstein
Tulln - Krems
Tulln - Dürnstein
Krems - Dürnstein
€ 45,00
€ 45,00
€ 23,00
€ 25,00
€ 29,00
€ 29,00
€ 25,00
€ 29,00
€ 29,00
€ 25,00
€ 25,00
€ 16,00
€ 59,00
€ 29,00
€ 30,00
€ 39,00
€ 39,00
€ 30,00
€ 39,00
€ 39,00
€ 30,00
€ 30,00
€ 18,00

Ready to go?

Secure your tickets now!


Here you will find the answers to important questions about our cruises in Vienna.

Where can i buy tickets?

Tickets are available at our landing piers in Vienna and in the Wachau. You can also conveniently purchase your tickets via the obtain an online shop and print them out at home as Print @ Hometickets.

personally | in all sales outlets in Vienna or Wachau
in the online shop |
by email |
by phone | +43 1 588 80

Hygiene concept on the ships?

The safety and health of our guests is important to us. We have therefore developed a special hygiene concept. Information on this can be found under

Can i take my bike on board?

Limited take away. Price € 5.00 each way. Reservation required.

Is there food on board?

All of our ships see themselves as floating restaurants. Depending on the selected package, culinary services are already included in your ticket.

Are your ships air-conditioned?

The temperatures on our ships are always pleasant. Our ships are equipped with air conditioning.


0–9 years free to buy food separately.
10–15 years 50% discount

Schoolchildren & students, military and civil servants (only with ID)
20% discount

People with disabilities
20% discount, also for 1 accompanying person

Groups (from 20 full paying adults)
10% discount
every 21st person free

Are the ships wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchairs must be registered for all journeys. You can find information on wheelchair-accessible ships and moorings under the following link and in the folder “People with special needs”.


In the case of boat trips with included bus transfers, transport for wheelchair users is unfortunately not possible.

Smoking on board?

The restaurant area is a smoke-free zone for all boat trips. Smoking is possible on the sun deck.

Table reservations

General table reservation for the number of people booked. Table requests are ranked according to the possibility of division (number of people, available tables, …) and after receipt of the booking.

Cancellation conditions

free up to 2 weeks prior to departure
50% up to 48 hours before departure
100% from 48 hours before departure or no-show

Can I take dogs on board?

Dogs travel with us for free. However, a muzzle and leash are essential! Unfortunately, dogs cannot be transported on boat trips with included bus transfers.

Discover the “Queen among Europe’s rivers” with the DDSG Blue Danube. The Danube is the most sung about river, it crosses a world cultural heritage, glides majestically between vineyards, breaks through rock massifs, offers imaginative views and a lot of variety. For the curious and first-time visitors as well as for “repeat offenders” and connoisseurs.