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The DDSG Blue Danube annual pass

Enjoy advantages and give away joy with the DDSG Blue Danube annual card!

Experience unique advantages with the DDSG Blue Danube annual card.

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Enjoy advantages and give away joy with the DDSG Blue Danube annual card!
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the DDSG Blue Danube is waiting for you with a very special gift – the DDSG annual ticket. Experience moments of happiness with us on board and save money at the same time, exactly the right idea for you and your loved ones. Put on a card and enjoy the Wachau World Heritage Site as well as our neighboring capital Bratislava or the Vienna skyline.

Included services:

  • Unlimited scheduled trips in the Wachau
  • Unlimited scheduled trips in Vienna (routes A, B and C)
  • 1 x Vienna – Bratislava – Vienna * with the MS Kaiserin Elisabeth
  • 1 x Vienna – Dürnstein – Vienna * with the MS Kaiserin Elisabeth
  • – 10% discount on themed trips
  • One accompanying child up to 16 years is included per cardholder.

* Gastronomic services are not included in the annual ticket.

€ 69.00
Available in all DDSG sales outlets or by email at: (Payment by credit card Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club / postal delivery by registered mail)

The annual ticket is reissued annually. Annual pass 2021 validity extended to May 21, 2022.

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