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On-board catering

DDSG Blue Danube celebrates 25 years of navigation on the Danube

Attractive promotions from week 25!

From June 21st to 27th inclusive, the DDSG Blue Danube in Vienna and the Wachau begins with your first attractive campaign around the 25th anniversary of the company.

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Get a 25% discount when booking between June 21 and 27!

The largest domestic passenger shipping company, DDSG Blue Danube Schiffahrt GmbH, is owned by Wien Holding GmbH and Verkehrsbüro Group AG. As the successor company of the former First Danube Steamship Company, it has been offering excursions since 1996, mainly in Vienna and the Wachau. The continuous further development of the company and its fleet, which currently comprises seven ships, has resulted in many new collaborations and offers with different partners.

Where is the journey going?
Our guests have been enthusiastic about themed cruises for many years because, in addition to sailing, they also immerse themselves in another world, primarily through the traditional music and cuisine on board. The following offers can be booked for our 25-year campaign:

Great promotions around our themed trips
When booking between June 21 and 27 inclusive, our customers receive 25% discount on the total price offered for our themed cruises in July 2021 . For this campaign, we have planned correspondingly large contingents for the respective trips.

It’s that easy: All guests who book in week 25 will automatically receive the discount from us, as long as stocks last. Bookings are possible via

• the DDSG sales outlets
• the online shop at
• by email at
• by phone at +43 1 588 80

Safety measures
The safety of our guests is important to us. You can find more information on the current precautions and hygiene measures at


25 years of the DDSG Blue Danube campaign

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GET 25% NOW!

on 7/14 and 28.7., from Vienna / Marina
at 19:00 o ‘clock

On the newest member of our fleet, the elegant one MS Empress Elisabeth , you can enjoy the delicious grill specialties with the Saxxo-Jazz sounds of the vocal artist Jengis. The large 360 ° sun deck invites you to an aperitif, maybe even in a deck chair.


GET 25% NOW!

on July 24th from Vienna / Reichsbrücke
at 19:00 o ‘clock

The next Mediterranean vacation in blue and white? We provide the first suggestions for this with the dance group O Vrakas and the world-famous Sirtaki. Greek delicacies with tzatziki, souvlaki, keftes, moussaka & Co are freshly prepared by the on-board catering.


GET 25% NOW!

on July 25th from Vienna / Reichsbrücke
at 11:00 am

Start the day with culinary delights and enjoy the boat trip on Sunday with your family or friends.


GET 25% NOW!

on July 31 from Vienna / Reichsbrücke
at 19:00 o ‘clock

Pizza, pasta, tiramisu – a relaxed Italian evening in an extraordinary atmosphere. With a spirited Italo band and a themed Italian specialty buffet.


GET 25% NOW!

on July 31 from Krems
at 7:30 p.m.

Country, western & summer grill specialties – a festival for country fans and line dancers. An evening boat trip through the Wachau, incl. excellent live music and summer delicacies from the grill